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Position of Sri Lanka Standard Institute see Summery

"Quote " Draft Sri Lanka Standard SINHALA CHARACTER CODE FOR INFORMATION INTERCHANGE has been prepared by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (see pdf file for the complete draft text) SLS 1134. Symbols used in the Sinhala language are coded using 128 cells in the half page plane reserved for Sinhala characters in ISO/IEC 10646. Each cell or position given in Figure 1 of the standard represents one character."unquote" I have objected with the Sri Lanka Association of Printers. A forum is scheduled on 2 November 2004.

Problem for users begins with this Figure one.

If you see carefully the figure one, it is an incomplete sinhala alphabet. Using this table one cannot reproduce all the Sinhala Characters. If one use a Data base using this table, the data will not even get sorted according to the Alphabetical order. I have made the objections to the SLSI but non of its members will understand this important issue. If you use this SLS 1134 some of the Sinhala characters will be eliminated completely. Many Sinhala words will not be able to reproduce using a computer. One will not be able to use Sinhala in SMS , Voice to Text , OCR or GPS as all these applications will need an complete character allocation table. SLSI have not considered the TAMIL Language to be a part of this standared. How can the future students in Sri Lanka use a computer to learn Sinhala and Tamil Culture & Language or to reproduce written texts of great values.I need your help to voice this important issue. An issue to save both Sinhala and Tamil Languages in Sri Lanka.

PDF file for public comments from SLSI 1134
Figure one as mention in SLSI 1134