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(SOS) Save Our Language Sinhala
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5.1 Conjunct letters
Unicode does not encode any conjunct letters,
Such letters are a shorthand for writing a pure
5.2 Yansaya and Rakaransaya
A frequent critisism of Unicode is the lack of codes for the
yansaya and rakaransaya. The Unicode documents fail to
mention these two symbols. However, we realised that this
omission was deliberate, as neither of these symbols are
Sinhala letters

Above comments are made by
1st Regional Conference on ICT and E-Paradigms
24th – 26th June 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Development of Standards for Sinhala Computing
Gihan Dias and Aruni Goonetilleke
ICT Agency
I am Quoting from a Sinhala book written by great Cumaratunge Munidasa ISBN 955-9170-42-2

What we need is a correct Matrix (Allocation Table) for all Sinhala Individual Characters