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This article appered in Ceylon Daily News and in two parts (two PDF files)
Computer imbroglio in keeping with Sinhala language
by Aelian de Silva
B.Sc. Eng. (Lond.), CEng., FIEE (UK), FIE (SL)

Part One -- Part Two
Copyrights of author and Daily News
News Paper Articles
English Language News Paper
Is this text created by a Sinhala unicode font?
If Sinhala Unicode is correct why do we get broken characters?
Sinhala News paper article about computers at Registra of motor vehicles in Sri Lanka
Business Times June 2007 page xviiii and Page xxix two jpg images
Sinhalaya comment from Lirneasia this is "rubbish sinhala"
another Rubbish Sinhala Kumana dumriya
Quote 47 from Lirne asia
Sinhala seen in Kottu web page
Editorial Pariganaka July 2007 issue (Sinhala)copyrights pariganaka
This is
Nanasala Sinhala - can you read??
Sinhala on Lirne Asia No 82
Unicode Karmaya
Letter from SLSI___Corrected_link
Sinhala not compatible even on the same OS
above test on Lanka e news
Fooling the public
Installing of Sinhala kit
Rubbish Sinhala on Sinhala Kit
"pra" string error
Diwaina Sinhala news paper July 29 2007 (724kb large file)
Vikalpa -who is fooling the public
Vikalpa Sinhala from unicode 1 and 2
Same text seen on two different browsers read differently. This is a security threat
Pariganaka Sinhala publication
Lakbima Oct 14, 2007 (sinhala) Contain Heavy Power Point data
Lakbima news paper 1 Lakbima News paper2 Sinhala Language News Paper
Lankadeepaya 1 Lankadeepaya 2 Sinhala Language News Paper
Business Today December 2003 issue page1 Business Today December 2003 issue page2 English Language
English Language
Wijaya Pariganaka Letter to the editor 2004 Dec -
In Sinhala Language jpg image - 210 kb file size
--- Enlarge view 444 kb file size
Feb 20, 2005
Sinhala Language News Paper
IT Times April 2005 Vol1 Issue 1 English Language IT
magazine in Sri Lanka JPG images
IT Times May 2005 Vol1 Issue 2 English Language IT magazine in Sri Lanka JPG images
Daily mirror March 4,2006 page 11 English news paper JPG Image
Ravaya news paper - April 30,2006 Sinhala Language News Paper
Maubima October 29 2006 - page 32 (part) Sinhala Language News Paper
Maubima November 5 2006 - page 32 Sinhala Language News Paper
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