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 Summary of a forum held on 2/11/2004 at SLSI Board Room.


Meeting between the SLSI and Sri Lanka Association of Printers was held on the November 2, 2004 at the SLSI Board Room.

A forum of twenty members were present including  Prof V M Samaranayake,  Members of CSSL, Lake House, ICTA & SLSI. The meeting was conducted by Mr Rohan N Wijeratne.

The President of Sri Lanka Association of Printers Mr. Keerthi Gunawardane and I pointed out that the figure one in the SLS 1134 does not contain some of the Sinhala characters. Due to the missing characters absolute locations cannot be derived. Therefore OCR ,SMS, Voice to text software cannot be developed.

The SLSI committee  said that characters not specified in Figure one are shown in codes and rules.

quote from the SLS1134 page 9 ‘The codes for zero-width joiner (ZWJ), which is used to form conjunct letters, and zero-width non-joiner (ZWNJ), are not in this code page, but have the values 200D and 200C respectively.” Unquote

Refer to

This clearly shows that the areas specified in SLS 1134 under 2yyy are named  in Unicode as Empty Columns in Assigned Blocks. (Copyrights Unicode coloured in red for better understanding)

Examples are given below. Quote from Unicode ‘

0240..024F                  16                    [Latin Extended-B]

2090..209F                  16                    [Superscripts and Subscripts]

20C0..20CF                16                    [Currency Symbols]

20F0..20FF                 16                    [Combining Marks for Symbols]

‘ unquote

 SLS 1134 is an incomplete Standard because it gives locations in empty columns. For all locations a shape and an absolute address have to be specified.

 Lake House declared that they have all the characters but this is only for the use of their institution. A copy was handed to the President of the Sri Lanka Association of Printers.

 The SLSI committee stressed the locations given by the Unicode to Sri Lanka was 128. That Unicode was dictating terms to Sri Lanka about the number of characters. This argument cannot be accepted because the SLSI team was totally unaware of the total number of Sinhala characters. Unicode unconditionally accept the National Standard of a country. Asian Languages have more than thousands of characters which is in the Unicode. Dr Gihan Dias mentioned the possibility of using sub sections to expand the number of characters.

I pointed out that the character code has to be redone from the beginning. With the present expansions of Operating System  it is possible to have  64,000  characters. This permits to include any variations and opinions of the public.

Discussion went on for 2 hours while SLSI took notes. SLSI announced that they would have a private meeting.  The end result will be informed later.

Donald Gaminitillake


November 5, 2004