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Current Allocation

The following tables give the statistics for currently unassigned (reserved) code points in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) in Unicode 4.0.

First, a few definitions.

A set of 16 Unicode code points that all have the same "div 16" value, e.g. U+2040..U+204F or U+1D120..U+1D12F. (The name comes from the fact that they occupy a vertical column in the character charts.)
empty column
A column where none of the code points are designated.
partial column
A column where some code points are designated and some are reserved.

For practical reasons, the Unicode Technical Committee avoids splitting character blocks across columns. For that reason, it is important in new allocation to distinguish code points from these sources:

  • reserved code points not in blocks
  • reserved code points in empty columns (within assigned blocks)
  • reserved code points in partially allocated columns (within assigned blocks)
  • designated code points (includes assigned characters, private use, surrogate code points, and noncharacters—all of which are unavailable for assigning new characters) 

Here is the breakdown in Unicode 4.0.


  Reserved Designated
  Not in Blocks in Empty Columns in Partial Columns

Code Points










The following lists the code points in empty columns in more detail. It is separated into two parts: empty columns in unassigned blocks (or areas), and empty columns in assigned blocks. The (xx) are the number of code points in empty columns in that block or area.

Reserved Ranges Not in Blocks

0750..077F48 (General Scripts Area - Right to Left)
07C0..08FF320 (General Scripts Area - Right to Left)
1380..139F32 (General Scripts Area)
18B0..18FF80 (General Scripts Area)
1980..19DF96 (General Scripts Area)
1A00..1CFF768 (General Scripts Area)
1D80..1DFF128 (General Scripts Area)
2C00..2E7F640 (Symbols Area)
2FE0..2FEF16 (Symbols Area)
31C0..31EF48 (CJK Phonetics and Symbols Area)
A4D0..ABFF1840 (General Scripts Area)
D7B0..D7FF80 (General Scripts Area)
FE10..FE1F16 (Compatibility Area and Specials

Empty Columns in Assigned Blocks

0240..024F16 [Latin Extended-B]
0510..052F32 [Cyrillic Supplement]
0C70..0C7F16 [Telugu]
0CF0..0CFF16 [Kannada]
0D70..0D7F16 [Malayalam]
0DE0..0DEF16 [Sinhala]
0E60..0E7F32 [Thai]
0EE0..0EFF32 [Lao]
0FD0..0FFF48 [Tibetan]
1060..109F64 [Myanmar]
1D70..1D7F16 [Phonetic Extensions]
2090..209F16 [Superscripts and Subscripts]
20C0..20CF16 [Currency Symbols]
20F0..20FF16 [Combining Marks for Symbols]
23E0..23FF32 [Miscellaneous Technical]
2430..243F16 [Control Pictures]
2450..245F16 [Optical Character Recognition]
26B0..26FF80 [Miscellaneous Symbols]
27C0..27CF16 [Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A]
2B10..2BFF240 [Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows]
9FB0..9FFF80 [CJK Unified Ideographs]
FA70..FAFF144 [CJK Compatibility Ideographs]
FBC0..FBCF16 [Arabic Presentation Forms-A]
FD40..FD4F16 [Arabic Presentation Forms-A]

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